Nutter Consulting works with a variety of clients including government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.  We support our clients by leveraging smart cities strategies, innovative tools, and engagement techniques to meet carbon emission reduction, urban sustainability, and community resilience goals.

Our firm draws on over two decades of experience working with and for our clients to deliver comprehensive strategic plans, innovative and groundbreaking stakeholder meetings as well as insightful and relevant market and policy analysis.

Better Cities Today™ Opportunities Assessment for Pismo Beach

In March 2018, ENGIE, an international energy services provider, partnered with Nutter Consulting to deploy their inaugural Better Cities Today™ program in the City of Pismo Beach.  With the guiding framework of ENGIE’s Unlock Process™, we created actionable strategies to uncover priorities and opportunities for technology and data projects that Pismo Beach can use to advance existing City goals and improve services to the community.  From IoT-connected digital signage that boosts pedestrian accessibility and traffic flow during peak congestion times, to smart parking meters that leverage dynamic pricing models to increase revenue and decrease congestion, the deliverable of the Unlock Process™ has identified key priorities for the City of Pismo Beach to propel their goal of becoming a Better City Today™.


LookAhead SF Sea Level Rise Visualization Virtual Reality App

Working with Climate Access, the LookAhead SF program utilized virtual reality technology to provide a more immersive window into sea level rise impacts and solutions. Through the use of a mobile app, the project focused on three unique locations to reach stakeholders to engage in community risk reduction efforts, prompt users to take action and encourage involvement in local planning efforts.  Nutter Consulting was hired as the lead outreach and education consultant for LookAhead SF.  Nutter Consulting developed and implemented the Outreach and Communications Plan. Throughout the duration of the project, we coordinated with key city government officials in San Francisco and San Mateo, developed a network of local project partners, and conducted community education.


Broadband Equity Research Report

for the City of Berkeley

climate action sf.png

Climate Action Plan

for the City and County of San Francisco


Regenerative Urbanism Workshop

envision america.png

Consulting City Liaison for Envision America


The City of Fremont and CivicMakers

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STAR Communities

Tool & Technology Development Plan