Nutter Consulting helps our clients leverage smart cities strategies, innovative tools and engagement techniques to meet carbon emission reduction, urban sustainability, and community resilience goals

Over the past 5 years, Nutter Consulting has served 23 clients including large and small cities, national foundations and regional non-profits. Ranging from developing the Shared-Mobility Climate and Equity Action Plan for the City of Los Angeles, to the Bay Smart Communities for a Sustainable Future white paper for Save the Bay, Nutter Consulting has been instrumental in helping our clients advance their goals. Throughout our work, we are able to provide a neutral third-party perspective to present an unbiased view on what’s possible and what’s needed in our clients’ smart city vision.


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Strategic Planning


Stakeholder Engagement


Communications and Design


Implementation Support

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Strategic Planning

We have provided strategic plan development for clients on programs of varying scopes, from comprehensive plans to targeted projects addressing many topics including climate mitigation, climate adaptation, water conservation, energy efficiency, mobility options and digital access. In developing strategic plans, Nutter Consulting employs the following steps:

  1. Coordinate with City and/or County staff to understand challenges and capacity, and providing recommendations that meet organizational needs of staff

  2. Analyze existing City and/or County goals to understand priorities

  3. Research best practices and case studies to identify opportunities

  4. Develop key strategies or an action framework with feedback from City and/or County staff to ensure projects fit need and are feasible

  5. Create and write final deliverables for City and/or County use, including reports, white papers, and presentations


stakeholder engagement

Drawing on decades of grassroots organizing experience as well as employment in the non-profit, private and government sectors, the team at Nutter Consulting has developed a unique skill set that allows us to bridge communication gaps among diverse stakeholders and proactively engage multiple viewpoints. As communications and engagement experts, Nutter Consulting:

  • Facilitates focused working groups that include a diverse set of stakeholders including small businesses, academia, the nonprofit sector, government staff, elected officials and community members

  • Deploys a stakeholder engagement approach that is rooted in grassroots organizing – meeting people “where they are at” and offering new ideas and approaches in a collaborative, open environment


Communications Strategic Planning and Material Production

Our team has worked with municipal clients to create engaging communications strategies and materials that have been published and distributed across the country. With an understanding of new communications technology and methods, Nutter Consulting has helped cities modernize their outreach and transparency with the community.

In translating these strategies to action, our firm creates graphically engaging materials to complement the client’s education and outreach goals.  To make our designs powerful, clear and effective, Nutter Consulting employs the following principles:

  • Dive deep into the client’s goals and objectives to development design goals

  • Utilize unique stylistic elements, such as font and color scheme, to reflect the client and content in the developed materials

  • Employ a user-centric approach to tailor content to the intended end-user, defining and limiting technical language as needed


implementation support

Throughout the implementation process, Nutter Consulting leverages smart cities expertise and an extensive network of technology providers to find solutions that match city needs and budget. As implementation advisers, Nutter Consulting:

  • Conducts market research to vet technology providers and establish implementation milestones

  • Offers procurement support, including recommendations for procurement strategy and RFP writing, that utilizes our expertise to ensure the city’s goals are met

  • Identifies and prepares grant proposals to leverage additional funding opportunities