Nutter Consulting helps cities, foundations and businesses leverage smart cities strategies, innovative tools and engagement techniques to meet carbon emission reduction, urban sustainability and community resilience goals  

Public Engagement, Government Affairs and Strategic Communications:  After developing a keen understanding of our clients' needs, opportunities and challenges through sector surveys, stakeholder interviews, and expert analysis, we advance their mission driven goals through messaging strategy, media and government relations and public event coordination.  

Coalition Building and Event Management: By recruiting key stakeholders and facilitating both intimate convenings and dialogue based workshops, we accelerate our clients’ initiatives through engaging a vast network of policy makers, non-profit and community leaders and for-profit solution experts in solving urban sustainability challenges. 

Public Policy Research, Analysis and Development:  Referencing a series of sustainability and resiliency best practices and policies, we advance our client’s ability to better understand key trends and opportunities for new policies.

Training and Toolkit Development: Tapping in-house expertise as well as a network of urban sustainability experts, we provide tailored strategic advice as well as specific trainings on the latest technology and practical solutions.  

Conference Design and Facilitation: By organizing and leading engaging, substantive dialogue and exchanges around sustainability, smart cities and resilience, we are able to help forge new partnerships for local change.